Luscia Sophia Photography | About

I'm a wife/mother of two beautiful little girls, have a gorgeous English Mastiff that is a loved member of our family, and my passion for photography flourished after the birth of my oldest 8 years ago. After several years as a professional photographer, I found my niche and love of photographing maternity and newborn sessions.  

A few tidbits about me...I LOVE home decor (as any client that has been inside our eclectic home can tell you!), can't live without coffee, have a bachelor's in equine science (which is now collecting dust...about the only thing babies and horses have in common is their unpredictability), grew up on farm in the Midwest (pigs, chickens, cows, horses...and lots of barn cats!), have traveled/lived all over the United States both as a child and now as an adult, am often seen sporting red lipstick, and am a creative at heart!!!