Christmas Minis are taking place on November 14th.  Once booked, I will be sending an email as your session date gets closer with a reminder of your session date and time.  I will be TEXTING clients once I arrive that morning and have an exact location at the Christmas Tree Farm so you know where to find me (literally just how many rows in- we will be super easy to find!).  Please note, give yourself a few extra minutes to allow plenty of time to arrive(the parking lot is directly next to the trees where we will be shooting so very little walking) and find me.  It will be myself and an assistant that will help check in clients, keep track of time for me, and overall keep things running smoothly.  My assistant will have my phone on her at all times to answer both calls and texts the day of the session- my cell is 919-454-1488. 

Due to Covid, we are keeping it simple this year with setups.  We will have the above vintage chair, lots of different blankets (plaids, reds, greens, white, cream, etc), and a variety of stools, crates, and even a wooden ladder to add variety to standing and sitting shots. **pictures will be added over the next few weeks** I decided to NOT have a sofa this year as I was concerned about keeping it sanitized whereas we can easily spray down the limited fabric on the chair and blankets with disinfectant between clients along with wiping down any wood with Clorax wipes.  My assistant and I will both be masked throughout sessions and hand sanitizer will be used in mass amounts throughout the day.

EXCITING NEWS!!!!!! I have a snow machine that will be used at the end of every session!!!!!! SO SO excited about this and I can't wait to see the magic that we capture with it!!!!   

EDIT:A note on the snow machine....I AM still going to be bringing it BUT (and this is a HUGE BUT)- it is loud and scared the beejeezus out of my son and am seriously doubting about using it the day of sessions. SO, that being said, I will be using it on a case by case basis AND even if we don't use it, I can still get some epic "snowy" shots as NONE of these pictures had actual snow in them. 🤣🤦‍♀️ I will be making an executive decision day of and PLEASE keep in mind that even if we do not use the snow machine, all the snowy magic shots below happened in photoshop anyways. Let's be honest, nobody wants to leave a session with a screaming kid that is now terrified of a snow machine (even the "quieter" model I purchased) was not a fun way to wrap up the session with my own kids. LOL


Fulk Farms is located at:

23400 State Rte 92, Platte City, MO 64079



***I will be updated a Christmas Wardrobe board within the next few weeks but for now, here is my typical inspiration board for clients**

Wardrobe Pinterest Board can be found here (click to open a new page):

These are just IDEAS and SUGGESTIONS.  99% of the time, a wardrobe can be pulled together by items that are already in your closet.  Also utilize the style and select code that will be emailed with the contract and questionnaire as it is also a great resource to use for styling and is a service that I include at no additional charge for all my clients.  Feel free to message me if you have any questions as I am always happy to help with styling! **My kids outfits were ALL purchased from Target (minus the jeans my oldest is wearing that were purchased for .50 at a thrift store) and their shoes are either from Walmart (middle kiddo) or thrifted (oldest and baby- I don't think I paid more than $7 total for both pairs). I pulled colors from the hat I found for my son and each child wore different colors that coordinated perfectly- I LOVE coordinating colors over complete matchy-matchy but I do love me some awesome pjs for Christmas minis too!.* 


- Use the restroom before you go...there are no bathrooms available at the farm. 

- Have children fed and happy before your session time.  If they need a snack on the way, make sure that it isn't something that will stain clothing/face.

- Use bribery...I know, I know, don't bribe our kids and yada yada, but trust me on this, bribery helps make things go a bit smoother for minis. I will have Annie's Organic Mini Fruit Snacks on hand and Smarties- both are individually packaged and are tiny enough that kids can eat one without making a mess.  I'll also have candy canes available at the end of the session for anyone that would like to grab one for their child and for themselves.  

-Plan on arriving a few minutes early. Arriving early will make sure that you aren't rushing to get there on time.  As I am shooting sessions back to back, I CANNOT accommodate late clients.  

- Don't stress!!!! We will be keeping these sessions fun and stress free!  I am always SO in love with candid shots and they typically end up being my favorite.  Once they everyone is warmed up, we will grab a smiling at the camera shot but we will wait towards the end of the session as the kiddos are more relaxed and we tend to get a "real" smile.  

- AND.....have fun!!!! I can't wait to capture some amazing memories for your family!!!!



From Fulk Tree Farm:

The Fulk family would like to welcome you to our farm for your family holiday photo
sessions. In this letter you will find some helpful information about our farm and how
to get around when you arrive.

Fulk Farms is a six generation, family owned operation. The farm you are visiting was homesteaded
in 1889 and has continuously been occupied by the Fulk family. In 1998 Fulk Farms was awarded
the Missouri Century Farm status by the University of Missouri Extension Services. Currently the
operations are run by Dennis and his son Brian. Fulk’s Tree Farm had its opening day in November
of 1992. This is our 28th year of tree sales.

The address of the Tree Farm is 23400 Highway 92, Platte City, MO 64079. Turn in the driveway by the mailbox. Once you enter the farm, drive to the top of the hill to the red barn and follow the
signs to the parking area. Please coordinate directly with your photographer as to where they will
be located. A tree farm attendant will be on site to assist you if needed.

A couple of things you will want to know. Since this is a working farm, there will be uneven places
in the field so please watch your step. The area is stroller and wheelchair accessible but you may
have to go over rough, uneven ground. We will not have restroom facilities available on the farm.
We welcome dogs who are on a leash and ask that you make sure you pick up after them.
Because this is a family home, we ask that you respect the privacy of the residents and remain in
the area where the trees are located.

Since the area you will be in is an open field and we limit the number of people on the farm at one
time, masks will not be required by the farm for these sessions. However, for the safety of
everyone, we ask that you maintain social distance from other groups.

We open for the business of selling trees on Friday, November 27th at 9 AM. After opening day, we
will be open Saturday and Sunday from 9AM – 5 PM, Tuesday through Friday noon – 5 PM until
December 23rd . Closed on Mondays. We hope you come back and see us then.