FAQ Maternity Wardrobe

What should I wear to the session?

I always suggest that clients wear a loose dress or shorts/tank- something that you can easily change out of as we will be changing on the beach.  Under your clothing, I suggest a nude or white strapless bra and nude or white seamless (no show) panties or thong.  I do provide maternity shorts and a bandeau (in black, white, and nude) that can be worn over your undergarments during the shoot for easy clothing changes.

What sizes are your dresses?

A majority of my dresses are one size/average although I do have plus and petite sizes available.  Most dresses are very stretchy for a great fit for most mamas and I can clip dresses in the back where needed for a more form fitting look.  

How many dresses do you bring to the session?

Before the session, clients will let me know favorite colors/dress styles (or if they have specific requests) and I will typically bring 4-5 dresses to the session based on those preferences.  We will decide at the start of the session which dresses you prefer and will set those aside for quick wardrobe changes.

How many wardrobe changes do we typically do?

For an average session, I tell my clients to expect around 3 wardrobe changes.  If the maternity session is more family based than mama based, that number might be closer to 2 wardrobe changes.

Where do we change?

All clothing changes are done on the beach or at the location we are shooting.  I do have a portable 6' tall changing closet that I bring with me to sessions that is set up for clients to use for quick dress changes during the session.

Can I bring my own dresses/floral crowns?

Of course!!! I provide my wardrobe as a free service to my clients but you are always welcome to bring your own to use during the session or are welcome to use a bit of your wardrobe and a bit of mine. 

Can I request a specific dress I have seen you use?

Absolutely- I will make sure any specific requests are included in the wardrobe options I bring to your session.

What if you don't have a color/design that I like?

If I have time to order one AND it will be something I see future clients using, I am more than happy to custom order a dress for your session. I try to have a wide variety of colors/styles but always love adding to what I have!

Do you provide floral crowns or do I need to purchase my own?

I have several adult and child size silk floral crowns in a variety of colors/styles that my clients are welcome to use during their session.  I bring all the crowns I have available to each maternity session.

What dresses are available to choose from?

This is the most asked question! My maternity wardrobe is always evolving but pictured below are an assortment of dresses that my clients can expect to see for their session.  If you have a specific color request or design you would like me to bring, just let me know and I will do my best to make it happen! 


Black Lace and Red 

Pale Pink with Lace Top (one of the most requested)

White Infinity Dress

Black Tutu and a Black Lace Long Sleeve Top

Pink Off the Shoulder Gown

Taupe Lace Fitted Gown

Extra Long Purple Goddess Gown (used for dress flips)

Extra Long White Goddess Gown (used for dress flips)

Soft Mint Gown

Offered in both this color and Navy Blue

Offered in Taupe, Rust, Black, Olive, and Red


And Many more!!!